Red Carpet Coverage: The Double Premiere

With it opening up nationwide later this week, take a look at what the stars including Jesse Eisenberg and Richard Ayoade had to tell me about The Double at the premiere in London. More »


Interview with In The Valley Below – April 2014

In The Valley Below’s debut album ‘The Belt’ is out now and is packed with infectious guitar riffs, swirling synths, brooding voices and hard-hitting lyrics. It’s a unique and highly exciting debut record. I caught up with the pair whilst they were in London to chat all about the record, travelling, their rough road to getting used to playing live and more. Oh and they even gave me a bottle of their own beer!

Q: Hi there! Thanks for your time. So your album’s finally come out! How’s the reception been?

Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Ethics and Power

The fascinating thing about Captain America: The Winter Soldier is that it is much more than a typical superhero versus villain story. One of the favourite comic book heroes plays a big role, but the suspense-injecting thread throughout the tale is fear. It’s the fear most of us experience when pondering the morality of those in charge.

The film centres around a certain powerful group that has infiltrated many levels of our government and plans on making some controversial decisions—decisions that are considered to be extreme and immoral by anyone with a conscious. They certainly have their reasoning for committing such atrocities, but so did all of the other monsters throughout history.

I Want You To Meet… Fred Page

Fred Page is a 23 year-old Londoner who has a knack for writing emotional songs without seeming like he’s trying too hard to pull at your heartstrings. It’s subtle enough to have on in the background but it is also lyrically poignant so that your mind really pays attention. His songs work in the shadows of regret and vulnerability.

Check This Song Out: Shoe Prints In The Dust – God Damn

Starting with an explosive riff, that manages to maintain its high impact throughout the whole track, God Damn prove on Shoe Prints In The Dust that they know how to make one explosive rock song. It’s perhaps a little too hard rock for many but there are very few bands that are doing this skuzzy kind of rock as well as this.

Klaxons Announce New Album Details and Tracklist

Finally, the news that Klaxons fans have been waiting for since these new wave/indie rockers jumped back onto the map this year. Their third album will be titled ‘Love Frequency’ and will be released via Askashic Rekords/Sony Red on June 9th.

Glastonbury 2014 Lineup Announced!

It’s that day we’ve all been waiting for. After all the leaks, gossip and hushed whispers about which bands and artists might play at Worthy Farm this year we now get to see who will definitely be making an appearance. Those that were lucky enough to grab tickets back in Autumn will be rejoicing at the prospect of their weekend at the end of June but be warned: if you weren’t as fortunate and didn’t snatch a ticket extreme jealousy will ensue.

Don’t fret too much though! There’s still another chance to get a ticket. Head over to for more information.

First Aid Kit Announce New Album ‘Stay Gold’ Release

Swedish duo First Aid Kit will make their Columbia records debut with their third album entitled ‘Stay Gold’. This follows the unveiling of the lead single ‘My Silver Lining’ on Lauren Laverne’s 6Music show yesterday boasting a sultry, soulful vibe that’s sure to get stuck in your head.

Speaking of the new album they said: “We took new directions and turns with the arrangements, building them up and creating more dynamics, yet always following where the songs wanted to go.”

Check Out This Song: Find You – Suvi

Finnish songstress that goes by the name of Suvi makes seductive, romantic and explorative music that will make you yearn for knowledge, in the sense that Suvi’s sound is so inspiring; making you want to experience new things. It’s soft electropop that might not make you want to pump your fists but your blood will be compelled to pump even harder. Her polished production along with the cinematic strings makes it feel so irresistible.

The video’s equally as gorgeous and adventurous, following Suvi travel on trains or pass through airports to eventually head onto stages across the world. It’ll make you want to book your next flights and travel the world in a heartbeat.

Reading and Leeds Festival Cancelled for 2014

Festival Republic sadly announced today that there will be no descent onto either Bramham Park or Richfield Avenue this year. Despite boasting one of their best lineups ever including a headline set from Arctic Monkeys, this had come as a result of grass not growing as quickly this year. Speaking on the situation, a representative from Festival republic has stated:

New Music Video: Where Did The Love Go? – Bipolar Sunshine

Where Did The Love Go is the latest track delivered from the earnest and tender singer-songwriter who goes by the always interesting stage name, Bipolar Sunshine. The track is as heartfelt as we’ve come to expect from the Mancunian but this video is his most impressive yet.


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